Olympia Poulsen – Whole Body Medical Therapist

Whole-Body-Medical-Therapist-Olympia-PoulsenOlympia Poulsen, LMT, Lymph Drainage Therapist

Not many grow up to become what they think they will be as an adult…However I did.

Growing up in Florida, the oldest of four children, I have fond memories of rubbing my father’s sore hands and feet after his long day of work. I really did like to do this for him. Being the oldest child I often was very motherly to my younger siblings. They call me their second mom, even today. So when we were asked to investigate possible career choices in middle school I decided I wanted to be a massage therapist and a mom. I grew up to be just that.

My family moved to Georgia in 1995 and after finishing high school, I attended New Life Institute School of Massage Excellence, in Atlanta. I chose this school because of their emphasis in Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). As a massage therapist, I wanted to help people find relief from pain and to assist the body in its amazing ability to heal. I loved massage school and found I had a great talent in recognizing the body’s signals and finding its “knots”. I learned many other skills that I would later use and develop in my massage practice. In the middle of all this I married my husband, Aaron.

Graduating in 2000, I found myself working in a spa environment, but was pleasantly surprised that I did few relaxation massages. While the other therapists quickly booked the Swedish massages, I was happily given all of headaches, back pains, shoulder problems, pregnant women and all sorts of issues needing specific therapy. I enjoyed finding the root of pain and discomfort and further developing my NMT skills. I enjoy massaging with a purpose. In 2001, my husband and I had our first son Scott. I continued part-time at the spa and began building a practice at home. I then had both desires; I became a mom and remained a massage therapist. Over the next seven years I had three more children James, Athena and Robert. I finally left the spa and practiced massage part-time in my home, to begin homeschooling my four children.

There are so many ways massage can help. Having learned chair massage, I often participate in charity events. Being pregnant four times made me appreciate the value of prenatal massage and I sought training to provide this for others. Another area I find rewarding is massaging the elderly, they are always so appreciative. Finally, my favorite work is headache relief and neck therapy. This is probably because I am so prone to headaches…even before I had four kids and began to home school them.

I am so excited to join the wonderful team at Body of Health. My goals and skills fit right in with everyone here. We truly do want to help you heal quicker, hurt less and have a better quality of life.

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