CranioSacral Therapy: Subtle yet powerful healing

by Julie Mills-Watson and Calhoun Stallings
We wanted to introduce you to an awesome therapy called CranioSacral. While I have taken one level of
CS, Calhoun is well-versed and specializes in this treatment. I asked for her assistance in explaining
this incredible therapy.
Most practitioners just call it CS. The C, cranio, refers to the cranial vault also known as the skull. The
S, sacral, refers to the sacrum; the triangle-shaped bone at the end of the spine. The cranium and
sacrum are bones, but the focus of CS therapy is the nervous system protected by those bones. If the
nervous system isn’t happy, no “body” is happy!
Bone doctors, or osteopaths, discovered that the bones of the skull never fully fuse. In between the
bones are the sutures where blood supply and nerves have been found in connective tissue. These
sutures not only allow for small movement, but use the movement to cue the production of cerebral
spinal fluid. The fluid is produced in the cranium and flows through the Dural tube – which encases the
spinal cord – to the sacrum, and then back up to be reabsorbed and reproduced which creates a rhythm.
To trained hands, this rhythm can be felt anywhere on the body. It is this rhythm and the movement of
soft tissues under the CS practitioner’s hands that inform and guide the therapist to treat areas that are
limited in flow. When there is limited flow, then the nervous system is affected and even brain function
can be impaired. The typical things that can cause limited flow and disruption of the rhythm are falls
involving the pelvic bone (falling off a horse, or down stairs), migraine headaches, concussions, car
accidents, surgeries of the spine or brain, or some neurological issues.
The news of CS is spreading as pleased moms testify to its benefits for children with autism and
sensory processing disorders. Calhoun is one of those pleased moms and a craniosacral practitioner.
Her son hardly ever met anyone’s eyes, had a hard time communicating, and was distressed in places
with lots of people and noise. Once she started treating him with craniosacral techniques, all of those
things subsided. Now, nearly sixteen, he is looking forward to having a girlfriend