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Whole-Body-Medical-Therapist-Julie-MillsJulie Mills-Watson, LMT, Certified Lymphedema Therapist

Julie has a complete understanding of the body and tailors her therapy accordingly. She has a unique ability to listen to the body and get to the root of the pain or issue. She provides Manual Lymph Drainage which helps the body dump unwanted toxins and enhances immune function. Through light touch and special techniques, she creates a unique treatment plan for each client.

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Here’s the Deal About Cancer“, by Julie Mills


Author: “Here’s the Deal About Cancer, Julie Mills, My Personal Story”
Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy, Everest Institute
Certified Lymphedema Therapist, specializing in Manual Lymph Drainage, Chikly Health Institute
Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy Level I Certification, Dr. Vodder School International
Lymph Drainage Therapy Level II, III Certifications; Lymphadema CDP Certification; Visceral Lymph Drainage Certification, Chikly Health Institute
Certified in Oncology Massage Therapy, Expressooo Massage and Body Worxs
Cranio Sacral Therapy Studies, Upledger Institute in Palm Beach Florida
TMJ Disfunction Advanced Course, Atlanta School of Massage
Kinesiology Association Training (Levels I-IV), Touch for Health
Certified Nutrition Coach and Wellness Coordinator, Pam Popper Wellness Forum
Massage for People Living with Cancer Training, Massage Education Guild
10+ Years of Practical Experience Delivering Cancer Therapies
Bachelor of Science, Auburn University
Licensed in the state of Georgia



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