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Whole-Body-Medical-Therapist-Julie-Mills-1Julie Mills-Watson, LMT, Certified Lymphedema Therapist

Julie has a complete understanding of the body and tailors her therapy accordingly. She has a unique ability to listen to the body and get to the root of the pain or issue. She provides Manual Lymph Drainage which helps the body dump unwanted toxins and enhances immune function. Through light touch and special techniques, she creates a unique treatment plan for each client.

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Whole-Body-Medical-Therapist-JennyJenny Renter, LMT, Lymph Drainage Therapist

Jenny’s mission is to restore quality of life and help people feel better, naturally! Following a severe car accident when she was a teen, Jenny knows first hand what it is like to live in constant, extreme pain and feel helpless as to where to turn and what to do. Working alongside chiropractors, naturopaths, and nutritionists for over a decade has taught her how the body works as a whole and the incredible healing ability we have with the right assistance.

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Olympia Poulsen, LMT, Lymph Drainage Therapist

As a massage therapist, Olympia wants to help people find relief from pain and to assist the body in its amazing ability to heal. She loved massage school and found she had a great talent in recognizing the body’s signals and finding its “knots”. There are so many ways massage can help. Her favorite work is headache relief and neck therapy.

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Amy Thornton, LMT, Lymph Drainage Therapist

As an LMT Amy takes her responsibility to facilitate healing in the human experience with great dedication.  She believes in therapeutic treatment, but also, in teaching you something about your body. She will discuss the nature of your pain, why you have arrived at this pain, what you can do as a team player to improve your health through recommended stretches and better daily activities that can contribute to your overall health.

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Lymphedema Therapist

Kim Mainer, OT, Certified Lymphedema Therapist, LANA

For the past 10 years Kim has primarily practiced in lymphedema therapy working with a variety of causes of lymphedema: compromised vascular systems, cancer related, primary and injury-related. The Lymphedema expertise began after working in skilled nursing facilities for 4 years. In this facility, Kim had the opportunity to start a lymphedema program. Wanting a change but not knowing much about lymphedema, she did a lot of research on the internet and spoke to other lymphedema therapists in the Atlanta area. Though she loved working with older adults, she felt she could make a bigger difference to offer assistance in an area where specialists were scarce.

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Administration-NancyNancy, Office Manager

Having grown up with home remedies, Nancy learned to be open minded to alternative and natural therapies.  She ran into Julie at an event in 2009 shortly after having shoulder surgery.  Nancy was having complications with her range of motion.  Julie asked that she come in and see her; the rest is history!  Nancy’s shoulder was healed and she had a new position doing work she loves.  Nancy strives to maintain the financial integrity and professional continuity of the office so the therapist can focus on healing their clients.  She encourages everyone to consider incorporating massage and chiropractic therapies to help heal quicker and hurt less.  Nancy also believes in the value of good whole food nutrition and exercise as a way to maintain physical health.

One of her favorite sayings is, “If you don’t take care of your body where else are you going to live?”


Anita, Customer Service

Anita’s smiling face and warm welcome set the tone for the exceptional customer service that we pride ourselves on.  She has a long record of administrative work and brings her outstanding organizational skills to benefit both the Body of Health staff and clientele.   After a chance meeting with Nancy in a local grocery store, Anita first came to BOH as a client, just days before a rotator cuff/muscle reattachment  surgery.  She continued to get relief through massage therapy at BOH in conjunction with PT over the next 6 month period.  Her firsthand experience with pain relief and increased flexibility through massage therapy allows her to empathize with and affirm each client.


Petri, Customer Service

Petri comes to the lymph clinic with over 15 years of experience in billing and client service.  A life changing experience redirected the course of Petri’s purpose to become a State Certified Nursing Assistant.   Wanting to make a difference, while instilling her passion to help people navigate through tough times, Petri pulled from her own personal experiences of dealing with rehabilitation from a car accident which caused depression and anxiety.  Interacting with clients face to face taught Petri the importance of listening to the needs of the client.  Being able to empathize with others allows her to have a more personal touch and ensure that everyone’s needs are met with the highest standards of customer care, ultimately producing quality results.


Marketing-KarenKaren, Marketing

Karen supports the Body of Health team by coordinating our web presence with social media, as well as, print graphics and other marketing related efforts.  Her creative background with a combination of people-oriented and design-oriented skills, has served her well in the capacity of Marketing Specialist.  Karen first became acquainted with Body of Health as a client.   After two spinal fusions left her with chronic pain issues, she continued to search for more holistic ways of pain management that led her to add massage therapy to her treatment plan.   She is a big believer in the power of the body to help itself when given the opportunity.

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