Wow! 14 Years of Service! Got my license in 2007! So Very Blessed!

Because you are all so awesome, my client base is full!  To better serve my family of clients, my focus is to provide you with a manageable schedule!

Therefore, I am not currently able to accept new clients.

I am here for all of my existing clients and will do my best to serve you. Thank you for understanding.

Body of Health
Therapeutic massage clinic specializing in chronic pain, lymph drainage therapy, oncology massage and whole body wellness.

Body of Health

Voted Best of Gwinnett 2018 / 2017 – Massage Therapy

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Here’s the Deal About Cancer

Julie Mills-Watson shares her personal experience with her husband’s battle with brain cancer. This book offers straightforward advice in navigating the confusing world of cancer.


The Giving Tree

A Pay-it-Forward Program for Those in Need. Most of our clients come to us because they are going through cancer treatments, dealing with lymphedema, or experiencing chronic pain. Unfortunately, many are also experiencing financial hardships.

The Best of The Body of Health

Medical Massage

Medical massage takes your healing to the next level.

Plastic Surgery Recovery Program

Lymph drainage therapy helps when you have undergone plastic surgical procedures.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release, is a form of therapy that is aimed at releasing connective tissue restrictions in the body.

Lymphedema Drainage

Lymphedema patients can benefit from our specialized treatment available to them.

Oncology Massage

Recovery program and information for breast cancer survivors.

Scar Therapy

Scar Therapy, treatment/procedure that assists the body in healing post surgery.

What People Are Saying

Julie is AMAZING! I love coming to Body of Health & Life because I feel so much better and see results with their therapeutic massages! I love the education you gain here because lots of doctors don’t educate their patients on the importance of lymphatic drainage. I am a client for LIFE.

Zoya Changani


Body of Health is the absolute best! I always feel better after a visit. Julie and her staff are passionate about helping people. I recommend them to everyone.

Beverly Malone-Harrison


“I highly recommend Julie Mills-Watson’ service as a massage therapist. My reasons are two-fold. First, she is highly trained. She has invested her time to become certified in areas beyond basic massage therapy (she knew how to “empty” my lymph nodes, which I thought was amazing!), thus making her able to better meet the needs of each individual. Secondly is Julie’s passion for her clients’ total health and her understanding of the importance of preventative health measures. If my time and finances permitted, I would visit Julie Mills once a week! “

Connie A.

Lilburn, GA

Julie Mills-Watson has magic hands and uncanny intuition about what is going on with my body. Julie and I have “worked on” my body for about 18 months–before, during and after recovery from 2 total hip replacements. Muscles that were like rocks are now smooth and pliable, and I can dance again! I would recommend Julie to anyone needing a true specialist, not just another massage therapist. Her work on my with lymph drainage after surgery really helped the swelling go down in a hurry, making me much more comfortable in no time at all.

Judi H.

Lawrenceville, GA

““Julie’s refreshing approach to how she cares for her client’s well-being shows through in all aspects of her work. She is thorough, educational, and professional. Not only are the treatments enjoyable, but I always feel healthier, more invigorated, and fully relaxed after each session. Julie is so enthusiastic about the benefits of her treatments that it empowers me to treat my body better between visits. Julie is such a great ally to have on your team in the quest for maximum physical and spiritual health.””

Mark B.

Suwanee, GA

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