Body of Health

Heal Quicker, Hurt Less, Have a Better Quality of Life.”

We are a therapeutic massage clinic that specializes in multiple therapies.

Massage Therapy is your key to getting a handle on your total well being. Massage treats the whole body from the inside out. It brings blood and oxygen to your tissues. It makes you aware of your aches and pains so that you can address and prevent problems. It trains you to let go and relax. This is key to getting along in this society. Stress is all around us and having the ability to recognize tension (the way we sit, the way we breath, the gripping of the shoulders and neck) and knowing how to let it go will increase your whole body health. Your adrenal glands will calm down (flight or fight mode), your blood pressure will lower, your oxygen flow will increase by taking deep breaths, you are able to digest food properly(reflux, IBS, colitis) and more. By having regular massage therapy you will get to know your body and learn technique from your massage therapist on how to correct tension, relieve pain, stretch and isolate muscles and live healthier.

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