Dry Brushing is Awesome! I would love to shed a new light on the whole dry brushing technique and philosophy. The whole purpose of dry brushing is to stimulate your lymphatic system! No, it is not to exfoliate your skin, it is to move your skin. Here is how it works: Picture your lymphatic capillaries at the level of skin. It is actually connected to the derma of the skin. When you just move tissue or skin, you move lymph! It is just that simple.

The dry brush needs to be made of natural bristles. They need to be flexible and soft. If you get a cheap brush with plastic or artificial bristles, then it will scrape the skin, not gently move the skin.

It is best to dry brush right before you get into the shower. No do not “dry brush” in the shower and get the skin wet, then you again will tend to scrape or scratch the surface of the tissue and damage the skin. All you want to do is move skin.

The direction in which you want to go is not complicated. Think of your body divided up into quadrants by using your naval as the reference point. Now split your body in half from head to toe, then divide your body in half 360 degrees around the waist. You then want to brush from the naval up to the right under arm, axilla, and then brush from the naval down to the right crease of the leg, inguinal. Do the same with the left side. Brush your arms up to the under arm and brush your legs up to the crease of the leg. Everything from the back needs to come around to the front dumping stations, either under the arms or at the crease of the legs.

By dry brushing on a regular basis, you are improving your immune function and stimulating lymphatic flow! Get rid of those toxins and move that edema to balance your body and feel great!