If you have ever traveled abroad, one of the many things you notice upon returning home are all the choices we have in our great country!  From clothes to cars to food to our overall health, we are so blessed.  We are also drowning in data.  Do you ever feel like everyone in the world wants a part of your time, money, and attention?  I sure do.  In this month’s article, I want to refocus our attention on a couple of health issues that can really make or break our long-term health.

There are two things that would benefit virtually everyone who is reading this article –strengthening and stretching.  It’s great that so many of us help our hearts by doing things like walking.  However, as we age, it’s very important that we also engage in resistance training.  Maintaining our upper body strength will help prevent bone loss, maintain good posture, and help prevent pulls and sprains.  “Resistance” comes in many forms and resistance bands are a good, safe way to build strength and increase stamina.

The second most neglected area I have seen is stretching.  Over time, our muscles tend to draw up without regular stretching and use.  The percentage of Americans that suffer from joint and back pain is on the rise.  However, with a regular stretching routine, we can experience fewer pulled muscles, less joint pain, and inflammation, and enjoy a better quality of life.

You can do simple stretches while lying in the bed such as drawing your knees to your chest then lowering them to one side or the other.  Go online and find simple, safe stretches that you can incorporate into your daily routine.

I could tell you a multitude of good things you could do for your health.  I can’t think of two better ones than remaining strong and flexible for as long as you can.  Make these two items a part of your health program and you will be running with, and picking up, those kids and grandkids for a long time.  Enjoy them!