Do you remember going back to school in the fall and how hard it was to “get back in the swing of things?”  Some of us may feel that way all the time!  I want to share with you a few changes we can make that will improve our brain function and help “get us in gear.”

According to the Huffington Post, brain superfoods that we should incorporate into our diet include walnuts, olive oil, dark berries, fatty fish, coffee, spinach, dark chocolate, avocados, water, wheat germ, eggs, beets, and garlic.  These foods help promote blood flow which, in turn, allows for efficient delivery of oxygen to the brain. They are a great source of omega 3 and have been shown to slow brain aging.  They also stimulate mental activity and improve focus and decision making.

Hear me clearly on this point – it is so very important to feed our brain in the mornings.  It is starved for nutrition after a long night of sleep and has to be fueled up in order to work properly!  A brain-healthy breakfast can be something like a shake with your favorite fruits and vegetables, a pita with scrambled eggs (I love salsa!), or – if the morning traffic report pushes you out the door – even a handful of nuts and berries.  Here’s to the start of a great new school year!