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lymphmed machineLymphMed Machine

The device used to assist the therapist in the lymph drainage procedure is called the LymphMed. It is a highly reliable, compact machine designed to generate different patterns of pumping to massage the skin. During its development, the driving idea was to provide a tool to the practitioner to facilitate the performance of Manual Lymph Drainage and ease the stress involved with it. The LymphMed allows the therapist to perform lymphatic drainage on the face or body in a more efficient way than strictly manual drainage. (eight times faster).

The way it works:

The superficial Lymph capillaries are like a road map all over the body at the level of skin. The capillaries are not like blood capillaries, they do not have one opening at each end. Lymph capillaries have over-lapping filaments all along the surface that open and close (much like fish gills) . These flaps are connected to the derma of the skin by small hair-like attachments. The slightest movement of the skin opens the flaps and allows larger particles to enter the lymphatic system to be taken away. Whatever the blood does not use, the lymph takes away. That is why it is so important to address the lymphatic system when healing from surgery or from disease. The more the lymph flows the more inflammation and toxins are removed.

With all of that said, the LymphMed device uses suction to gently lift the skin and open the flaps of the lymph capillaries allowing more substance to enter the lymphatic system. The therapist uses manual drainage to determine the flow of the lymph and help dump the major lymph nodes. Once the therapist establishes a clear pathway for the lymph to flow, the LymphMed is used to move the lymph along the lymph capillaries and into the lymph nodes. This process is very time consuming if done completely by manual drainage. Using the LymphMed, drainage of the body is more efficient and much faster.

The LymphMed was created and developed with the assistance of experts in pneumatics and electronics to recreate the displacement of the skin that occurs during Manual Lymph Drainage as closely as possible. The device uses vacuum pumps controlled by rhythm and pressure. The suction of the glass cups very gently lifts the skin which allows the lymph capillaries to open and fill. With the LymphMed the lymph is then moved along the lymph channels and dumped into the lymph nodes where toxins and waste is broken down and excreted from the body.

In summary…

…the LymphMed replaces the therapist’s fingertips but not the hands, and certainly not the human factor involved with Lymph Drainage. By sliding the tubes along the lymphatic channels following the direction of the lymph, the therapist will perform efficient lymph drainage easily and without stress. The procedure is completely painless, non-invasive and very relaxing.

The LymphMed recreates the displacement of the skin that occurs during Lymph Drainage as closely as possible:

  • The pressure applied to the skin by the air pump is adjustable from zero mmHg to maximum of 100 mmHg. The pressure will be set by the practitioner according to the condition of the tissues and types of problems to be treated.
  • The controlled pressure will remain constant during the whole procedure, which would be impossible to achieve with manual drainage.
  • The air pump will rhythmically and gently displace the skin within the area where the glass tubes are applied. The diameter of the tubes is 20mm for the face and 50mm for the body.
  • The sliding of the glass tubes induces a pressure in the drainage direction of the fluid. The edge of the tube constantly stays in contact with the skin and moves by steady strokes in the direction of lymph flow.


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