One of the things that really sets our therapists apart from a spa massage is our approach.  The approach is how we “listen” to the body.  Looking for a certain “line of tension,” feeling the deep adhesions of a scar and what it is blocking, or noticing posture and structure of the body, are just a few things that might clue us in on the whole body function.  Does the client have small children she picks up on a regular basis?  Is he on the computer for long periods of time? Does she drive long distances each day?  All of these things are part of the puzzle that we consider when trying to discover the root of a client’s health issue.

Therapeutic massage blends therapies that can assist your body in its healing.  This type of massage is not a force that is used “on” your body, but rather a therapy that works with your body to help you heal quicker, hurt less, and have a better quality of life.  If you are in pain, I would strongly encourage you to consider therapeutic massage.  Take good care!