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navyBody of Health was founded by Julie Mills-Watson of Snellville, GA. She has a vision of empowering people to be an intricate part of their own healing. Julie got the cancer wake up call when her husband was diagnosed in 1998 with a brain tumor. Through their ordeal, she recognized that we, as individuals, have a lot to do with our health. Julie became an active part of her husband’s treatment. She learned, on a cellular level, how disease exists in the body. They combined both conventional and alternative therapies to fight his cancer. The result was amazing. Her husband enjoyed a much greater quality of life.

They were a typical family. Tommy was a career fighter pilot in the Navy and had served 12 years. They had 3 small children ages 7, 5 and 3. Julie was a stay at home mom and very involved with the children’s activities. Life was busy, filled with career and future plans. Tommy had quarterly physicals and had passed with flying colors. He started having headaches in January 1998 and the Doctors thought it was a sinus infection so he remained on antibiotics for several months.

exterior2But in April 1998, they knew something was terribly wrong. While Tommy was practicing air combat maneuvers and miles above the ground, he experienced a severe case of tunnel vision. He called off the practice and requested an emergency landing. He managed to land the plane and went straight to the flight surgeon. A CAT scan was ordered and it was at that time the mass was found.

Within four days, Tommy was having brain surgery to remove the 9 cm mass in his frontal lobe. A diagnosis was given several days after the surgery and it was determined he had a very aggressive malignant brain tumor and was estimated to live 2 years.

Tommy ended up living almost 9 years and having a wonderful quality of life. Through their journey they learned a great deal about the body and how cancer can live and grow. They integrated holistic therapies with the conventional treatments to maximize the results of the cancer therapies.

Body of Health StudioTheir eyes were opened to how incredible the body is when you give it the nutrients it needs to fight disease. The body’s response to touch and manual therapies is unique and extremely effective. The mind-body connection brings about such empowerment to the individual when such a huge obstacle is put in your path. The suffering from the toxic cancer treatments is reduced and the quality of life is greatly improved when given the body what it needs to heal itself.

A tremendous passion has been laid upon Julie’s heart to help people experience less suffering. She has expanded her education to safely assist in the healing process. She has lived the wake up call and has seen first hand the difference an integrative approach helps the whole body heal.

Julie saw that massage therapy helped individuals remove toxins from their body and enhanced the immune function. She decided to attend Everest Institute and is Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy. She furthered her education by specializing in Manual Lymph Drainage and becoming a Certified Lymphedema Therapist. By obtaining the Lymphedema Certification, Julie is now able to work on patients that have had lymph nodes removed during surgery.

Body of Health StudioTo be able to better serve others affected by cancer, she got her certifications in Oncology Massage which has trained her to work with patients before, during and after treatments. She is the bridge between conventional treatments and alternative whole body therapies. She is well trained in pathology and works closely with your doctors to provide a safe effective therapy. Julie did not stop there, she studied Cranio Sacral Therapy through Upledger Institute in Palm Beach Florida, which works with the core of our existence, the spinal fluid. This technique adds another level to healing and deep relaxation. Julie’s tag line is “Healing from the inside out” because she believes that Nutrition is the root of all healing. If you don’t give the body what it needs to heal through food, then it will have difficulty doing so.

Julie became a Certified Health Coach, specializing in whole food nutrition through the Wellness Forum in Cincinnati OH. Julie is a strong advocate for letting the body do what it needs to heal and assisting it along the way.

Julie has a complete understanding of the body and tailors her therapy accordingly. She has a unique ability to listen to the body and get to the root of the pain or issue. She provides Manual Lymph Drainage which helps the body dump unwanted toxins and enhances immune function. Through light touch and special techniques, she creates a unique treatment plan for each client.

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