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Nancy grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, FLA, graduated high school and went to a community college for 3 years. During her childhood, she had the unique experience of home remedies. Her mother used natural herbs and foods to help with any kind of aches and pains. Nancy has had a very open mind to alternative and natural therapies all her life.

Nancy started seeing a chiropractor as an adult after she had been in a couple of car accidents and started getting headaches, which the doctors could only treat with prescription medications. She began to learn about her body and to pay attention to what she ate and what she brought into the house. Her headaches went away and she came off the medication and experienced whole body healing.

When Nancy was pregnant with her second child, she injured her back and the doctor said she could no longer work and would probably have surgery before the baby was born. Her neighbor suggested Peruvian tree resin for her pain and muscle tension. Within 6 weeks Nancy was feeling much better and asking the doctor for a release. He couldn’t believe it and she was back to work! Nancy learned that incorporating alternative therapies helps the body heal quicker and hurt less.

By the time Nancy was in her 30’s she started to experience high blood pressure, cholesterol and allergies. She kept chiropractics as part of her health regimen but had not really paid much attention to her diet. By the time Nancy realized that her health was not getting better a decade had gone by. So Nancy started looking for ways to change her health. She began taking natural supplements and increased the amount of fruits and vegetables. Having the necessary nutrients to balance her body, Nancy was able to come off several medications. She educated herself about the importance of nutrition and incorporated lifestyle changes for her entire family.

Nancy’s passion for better health continues to grow and her goal now is to become medication free. Nancy has found that if you think buying healthy food is expensive, try paying for a cure. She encourages everyone to think about alternative medicine and listen to your body. We truly are “What we eat”!


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