Nutrition Facts

  • Eating Cabbage more than once per week cuts colon cancer odds by 66%.
  • Eating a Carrot per day cuts stroke rate in women by 68%.
  • Eating half cup of Spinach once per day cuts macular degeneration odds by 43%.
  • Eating 6 servings per day of Fruits and Vegetables cuts stroke rate by 44%.
  • Broccoli has 20-50% more anti-cancer capabilities than Tamoxifin
  • Eating 9 serving per day of Fruits and Vegetables cuts stroke rate by 66%.
  • Blueberries lowers cholesterol better than drugs
  • Apples have natural estrogen and helps reduce cholesterol.
  • Acerola Cherries are known to relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis.
  • Cranberries are strong antibiotics and antivirals.
  • Oranges besides being high on vitamin C has every class of Cancer inhibitor known.
  • Papayas are natural medicine for helping digestion.
  • Peaches contain Boron, which aids in Calcium absorption.
  • Pineapple is your best anti-inflammatory and helps dissolve blood clots.
  • Raw Beets are a natural antidepressant.
  • Broccoli is a super source of chromium, which helps regulate insulin & blood sugar.
  • Cabbage is anti-ulcer.
  • Carrots fight heart and eye disease.
  • Kale has 50% more calcium than milk.
  • Parsley lowers pressure. Spinach lowers cholesterol.
  • Tomatoes reduce your risk of skin, pancreatic, bladder and prostate cancer.


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