Plastic Surgery Recovery Garments

Plastic surgery recovery designed garments are short term garments and are not constructed for lymphedema. Whether you have had a tummy tuck, liposuction or Brazilian butt lift procedure, our bodysuit is created with you in mind. These garments are medical grade compression with a 4-way stretch comfortability and are created to promote faster healing. Studies show that medical-grade compression, following surgery, can reduce pain and bruising, stabilize the skin, and minimize infections to shorten recovery times. It’s about the function of healing, NOT the fashion. We offer an ideal garment that actually “gives you the look you want with results you need.”

There are three stages to our bodysuit garment.

stage1The first stage garment is the one your surgeon provides and is worn immediately post-surgery for the initial 2-3 weeks to promote a quicker surgical healing. This garment is intended to be replaced by the second stage garment by the third week post-op at the latest. Most customers find that by the second or third week post-op, their first stage garment is no longer containing them because healing has begun and the garment is too loose and no longer fits as it initially did.

stage2The second stage garment is generally worn from two/three weeks to about ten weeks post-op. This garment is created to manage swelling, and to move the lymph fluid to the areas where your lymph nodes and lymph vessels are working best. It has a high back and comes right underneath the armpit, utilizing the lymph nodes in your neck and under arms. This is especially important for Lipo 360 patients who have also had upper back and upper arms done. The garment also comes down to right above your knees in order to move the fluid up to the inguinal area. When a garment is cut too short and only comes to the panty line, it actually cuts off the lymph flow, slowing the process of reducing fluid and healing. That being said, this second stage of healing with our garment allows for the fastest reduction of fluid. It has a triple hook and eye front closure to accommodate this reduction.

stage3The third stage garment looks exactly like stage two without the hook and eye front closure. You have reduced sometimes two to three sizes and by now have your new curves shining through. This garment is worn from ten/twelve weeks through one year. It gives you that smooth, comfortable feeling of a firm hug to complete your healing through the one year mark.

Although everyone experiences the feeling of compression differently, your garment should feel comfortable. With the right fit, plastic surgery compression garments gently massage the body and feel like a gentle yet firm hug. Fit is important for an optimal experience.

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