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Quality of Life

Our Mission

The mission of Body of Health is to help as many people as possible achieve the highest quality of life through a healthy lifestyle, massage therapy, education and proactive solutions!

Body of Health is focused on YOUR Quality of Life. We have created a team of people to help in all aspects of life. You are not in this alone. With our services and education, you can take control of your life and experience real quality of life.

Julie's Book

Julie’s Story

Julie got the cancer wake up call when her husband was diagnosed in 1998 with a brain tumor. Through their ordeal, she recognized that we, as individuals, have a lot to do with our health. Julie became an active part of her husband’s treatment. The result was amazing. Her husband enjoyed a much greater Quality of Life.
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Building Your Health Team

Support GroupThe object of the team is to increase your Quality of Life, keep you healthy and to teach you about your body. A health team consists of a primary care physician, eye doctor, dentist, nutritional counselor, naturopathic doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist, family counselor, or massage therapist.
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Our Success Stories (Testimonials)

ExerciseThere are many people that come through my door that to anyone who didn’t know them look perfectly healthy.  These are the walking wounded who deal with chronic pain issues, lymphedema, post surgery recovery, or have a cancer diagnosis. Read their stories describing their Quality of Life transformation.
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Be the MVP of Your Health Team

Happy PeopleWe love our clients like members of our own family and want them to be at their very best. It is frustrating to know that our clients do not have enough time or resources to take good care of themselves. Our clients are the MVP in the game of life. They can hurt less, heal quicker and have a better Quality of Life if they only had a game plan. That is what we all need …. a game plan.
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