Scar Therapy

Post Surgery Recovery

One of the most stressful procedures to the body is surgery. There are so many aspects to the procedure that the body needs assistance in healing. Scars are a result of the surgery, which gone untreated, can cause secondary adhesions and pain. Breaking up scar tissue and using ointments and heat will help soften the area and prevent secondary problems in the future. A trained massage therapist works the scar and surrounding tissues with a variety of modalities to help the scar heal properly.

Scar TherapyTechniques used for Scar Therapy:

  • Lymph Drainage Technique – allows fluid to flow over the scar and surrounding area to help soften the tissue
  • Myofascial Release – involves stretching the skin next to the scar and using circular motions to maintain pliability to the tissue
  • Deep Transverse Friction – friction applied directly to the scar which helps break up adhesions
  • Lubrication – can use herbal ointment which helps maintain pliability so that the scar will not dry up and reopen
  • Stretching – mostly used for scars crossing over joints. Helps maintain range of motion

The body has amazing healing capacities, however, manual assistance to major trauma caused by surgery is necessary for optimum recovery. Scar Therapy is so very important in the healing process. This therapy can be applied to both new and old scars. It is possible to get the lymph to flow over the scar, which softens the tissues and makes them more pliable. Scar Therapy also breaks up the fibrous tissue which results in greater range of motion and relief of deep adhesions to the organs below.

Scar Therapy Benefits:

  • Softens and beaks up non-pliable bands of fibers created by the healing of the scar (Improves pliability)
  • Increases mobility and range of motion around the joints where scars tend to tighten and shorten the skin
  • Prevents nerve impingements
  • Lessens numbness and pain
  • Increases lymph and blood flow across the tissues to minimize secondary tissue problems
  • Relieves and reduces adhesions to underlying organs and tissues
  • Improves nerve function/reduces numbness



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