Sheri Chandler, LMT

After being in nurturing rolls most of my life, it was only natural for me to go to Georgia Massage School in 2015 to start the latest chapter in my life as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Less than one year later, someone very close to me was diagnosed with cancer. I felt helpless! The next day, in the mail, I received a massage magazine with the front-page article about Oncology Massage. I never knew that was a branch of massage, but I knew instantly that was the direction I was supposed to go in my massage carrier. I immediately signed up for an intensive class with Tracy Walton on Oncology Massage and was in love! I also found a group for people with my passion, the Society for Oncology Massage, which I am now a member of. A natural part of Oncology Massage is Lymphedema Massage, since they go hand in hand. I now also have added that to my training.

Due to other places life has taken me on this journey, I am also Pediatric Certified and have training in touch therapy for special needs, including SPD and Autism Spectrum.

Sheri looks forward to meeting you!”

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