It’s Spring and that means it’s time to spruce up our homes and yards!  It’s also the time to make some improvements to our bodies as well.  It wouldn’t be spring in Georgia without an inch of pollen on the ground and the site of puffy eyes and runny noses everywhere you look, would it?  However, did you know that if we did some “spring cleaning” to our bodies we could build our immune function and reduce the symptoms of those allergies!!  That’s right, if you eat a clean diet and cleanse your body, your eyes will be less itchy and your nose won’t look like Rudolph!

At Body of Health, we specialize in lymphatic drainage therapy.  This therapy can be implemented in many different situations from reducing edema to stimulating your immune system.  After all, your lymphatic system is your immune system.  Whatever your cells do not use goes into your lymph.  The allergens, pollens, dust mites, and infections that are associated with spring are handled by your lymph function.

While I have talked about the lymph system in previous articles, I want to stress the importance of it at this time of year.  The key ways to strengthen your immune is to drink lots of water.  Try to drink at least 8 ounces every 2-3 hours throughout the day.  Reduce the amount of processed food you eat.  These foods are denatured and the body cannot recognize them nor use them.  They clog the lymph system and make it work over time to rid the body of unwanted waste.  Concentrate on increasing your fruits and vegetables.  If you cannot eat enough during the day, then find a whole food supplement.  I have Juice Plus in my office which is 17 fruits and vegetables in capsules.  Not only will the body use these nutrients, but they will also help with losing those unwanted pounds that we accumulated during the winter.

A trained lymph therapist can help your body get rid of toxins by concentrating on your major “dumping” stations, or major lymph nodes.  These dumping stations are located at the neck, under the arms, and at the front crease of the legs.  Think of your body as being divided into quadrants.  Start at the naval and draw a horizontal line.  Everything below that line drains to the inguinal nodes which are located at the crease of the leg.  Everything above that line drains to the axillary nodes which are under the arms.  Now, draw another line right down the center of your body.  All of the lymph vessels on the right side of that line drain to the right and the back comes around to the front on that same side.  All of the lymph vessels on the left side drain to the left.   All of these nodes drain deeper into the body to a place called the cisterna chyle.  This is located right below the diaphragm and would be worked on by the therapist as well.

When our lymph nodes are sluggish and full, the toxins that are waiting in the lymph vessels have no place to go and your immune is therefore impaired.  If the nodes are flowing and clear, the vessels can run smoothly and toxins can be eliminated on a regular basis.  Remember that whatever your cells do not use goes into the lymph vessels.  It is important to only put nutrient-dense foods into our bodies and lots and lots of water.

Just a note, that if you do get that allergic reaction and become congested, lymph drainage therapy works well to open the neck nodes and drain the sinuses.

In closing, spend time cleaning your body and building your immune to have a fun, healthy spring!!