ExerciseThere are many people that come through my door that to anyone who didn’t know them look perfectly healthy.  These are the walking wounded who perhaps deal with chronic pain issues, fibromyalgia, locked shoulder, limited range of motion, etc. They have been told there is nothing wrong or have been prescribed medications that make them feel foggy and lethargic.  This is no way to live life and this is by no means Quality of Life.

I would like to give a few examples of some of my chronic pain heroes:

The first one that comes to mind is a client that had to have 2 neck fusion surgeries.  The doctors have released her and the scans show that all has healed well. So why is she still in pain? Why can’t she look down for any length of time to read a book? Why can’t she vacuum the house or ride in a car for extended periods of time? Why does she have headaches every day? This person, you might think, is just sensitive and should “get over it”.

Well, she has tried to do so, in fact, she would love it if she did not feel pain daily. She does diligent home maintenance by daily exercise and stretches, repositioning her computer to reduce the strain on her neck, incorporating acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy and a team of doctors.

She finally found us at Body of Health and is on a bi-weekly maintenance plan.  By getting regular massage and body work, she experiences less headaches, increased range of motion of her head and neck, reduced pain in the neck and back, and the ability to tackle everyday tasks with less pain.

Another case I would like to share is a person with fibromyalgia.  She is a school teacher and has had to miss days of work due to the inability to function due to pain and fatigue.  Her muscles turn into knots and her body locks down.  She is overcome with fatigue and exhaustion.  The doctors will prescribe medications but they make her feel foggy and lethargic.  This is no quality of life!

With the right body work, my client has found relief.  We address her immune function with lymph therapy.  We massage the entire body with neuromuscular and myofascial therapies.  All of these techniques have reduced the fatigue and chronic pain.  She is able to work full days with little interference from her condition and can live a normal life.

Lastly, I would like to talk about a client that was at her wits end.  She had been to multiple doctors for multiple issues over many years. She was being treated for different symptoms but never the whole body.  She was on over 10 different medications and she had more days of feeling bad than good.   This was more than a “flare-up” and this was not any kind of quality of life.  A friend told her about Body of Health and out of desperation, she walked through our door.

After assessing the whole body, it was determined that we should check her lymphatic system, which is the immune system, and address the nervous system as well as a full body massage. After integrating therapies, this client showed a remarkable improvement.  The chronic pain reduced, the bloated, swelling feeling went away and the ongoing headaches disappeared.  She is now looking at her life style and making nutritional changes as well as incorporating good home care.  Empowered with knowledge about her body, she has made a complete turn around and is on the road to good health and a wonderful quality of life.

Do these examples ring a bell? If you are suffering, know that there is help. You can heal quicker, hurt less and have a better quality of life.  You just need to take the first step and be proactive.  What are you waiting for?