The Garment SHop

Compression garment selection and fitting

The Garment Shop provides our customers with top of the line medical grade compression garments. You will find compression for your everyday needs as well as for specific post-surgery healing. We offer post-surgery recovery girdles, diabetic socks, vein compression stockings, and lymphedema day and nighttime garments, just to name a few. We have a Certified Fitter on staff to assist you with your compression needs.

Compression garments are worn by an individual to maintain edema reduction and encourage the flow of the lymph fluid. It is important to understand the reasons compression garments are so effective and a necessity of treatment.

Compression Garment Benefits:
Reduces swelling
Reduces Fibrotic Tissue
Provides containment of protein enriched fluid buildup
Reduces Pain and Heaviness in a limb
Improves skin health

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