Most people have gotten some type of massage at one time or another.  It may have been at a spa or a chiropractor’s office or on a vacation.  What about a therapeutic massage?  What’s the difference?  I’m glad you asked!  This type of massage addresses the soft tissues of the body that might be causing you pain.  Soft tissue includes muscles, connective tissues, organs, skin, fascia, or most anything that is not bone.  Therapeutic massage is bodywork that is therapy designed to help the body heal. 

My clinic specializes in therapeutic massage, so I sat down and really put some thought into what sets us apart.  What do we do differently than a spa?  The answer is the approach to the body.  It is not so much the modalities used, it is the awareness of what is happening in the body and with the tissues of the body.  The modalities such as neuromuscular release, deep tissue, or stretching, are the tools in our tool belt, but the approach is the use of those tools.