Why do you want to Integrate Therapies?

by Julie Mills-Watson


I talk a lot about integrating therapies. What do I mean by that?

Nutritional Care

That can actually mean two things. It could mean integrating manual therapies such as different massage techniques. It could also mean integrating medical therapies such as conventional medicine (surgery, medications, etc.) and alternative therapies (massage, nutrition, etc.). What would be the benefit of doing so? There is so much controversial information out there and it is difficult to make lifestyle changes, however, the benefits are priceless!

I will talk first about integrating manual, massage therapies. Many people ask me if I give deep tissue, or Swedish , or cranio sacral, or sports massage? The answer to all of it is YES, but do I give just one type to a single individual? The answer is NO! Every person is different from the make up of their body to the issues at hand. Having a “routine” and a specific technique, limits the effectiveness of the therapy. Being well versed in a variety of modalities, allows me to incorporate what is needed for that individual.

The body is an amazing thingTrigger Point Therapy

It actually guides me where I need to go and helps me find the root of the issues at hand. I get different signals from the body such as a vibration, a warmness, a pull or draw to a specific area, a resistance, a line of tension, or a subtle calmness. Strokes or techniques are necessary however a simple touch where needed is powerful. Incorporating a variety of body work techniques allows your body to fully release and let go of the tension or pain at hand. It allows you to heal fully and it responds to the touch of a well versed therapist with healing intent.

Let’s look at integrating conventional therapies with alternative therapies. I find that many of my clients are turned off by the word “alternative”. It is amazing the impact that word alone has on people. All it means is an “alternate route”. Think about it this way, what are you going to do at home to help yourself and the doctors? What are you going to do to keep yourself healthy and prevent disease? Remember disease does not just happen, it is a cascade of things that have gotten off balance in the body that creates disease.

Going to the doctor to get your check ups etc is okay. I am not saying to never go to the doctor. They are part of your health team. All I am saying is to incorporate natural ways your body can live and thrive. Making good food choices instead of eating out of convenience, getting 8 hours of sleep instead of pushing yourself till all hours or the night, or getting that much needed massage to release toxins trapped in your tissues due to excess stress, can all make a difference in your life.

Take control of your body

Whole Body Care

Taking control of your body means less medications, less injury, less pain and less stress. Most people look at these things as luxuries or that they are pampering themselves if they slow down. I challenge you to look at it as your responsibility! Our medical system is set up for treatment, not prevention. It is up to you to prevent issues! On that same token the approach to treatment is specialized and dependent upon medication. The whole body is not considered when something goes wrong. It is up to you alone to incorporate whole body healing.

The great news about all of this is that it is simple to do. It might be different than you are accustomed to but it is actually quite simple. Think about it. . . Drink more water (pretty simple), go to bed before midnight, eat a grilled chicken sandwich instead of a bacon burger, snack on mixed nuts instead of cheetos, cut out soft drinks, get a massage, go for a walk. Can you see all of these things as “doable”? It is not rocket science but it is much more powerful than rocket science, it sustains life!

Is integrative medicine needed? YES, and you can start today with simple changes that make all the difference in the world!